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Alabama Fan Destroys Cake After Finding a Colorful Surprise

Real college football fans are not to be messed with. To those people who don't understand what sports really mean to die-hard supporters, look no further than what happened when Mario Williams — no, not THAT Mario Williams — cut into his Alabama Crimson Tide-themed birthday cake and found a sneaky little surprise waiting inside.

Alabama was facing the LSU Tigers in what turned out to be an all-time classic SEC matchup. Before the game, Izenia Williams celebrated her husband's special day with his favorite team's cake. As the party started singing, something was clearly afoot. Williams picked up a knife to cut the cake, holding it ominously as if he knew exactly what was coming.

Two cuts into the corner of his Alabama birthday cake revealed purple and gold LSU Tigers filling inside the cake's crimson and white exterior.

But do you think this Alabama fan was going to let anyone eat this sick prank? Yeah, right.

With two open hands, Williams hilariously explodes the cake and sends icing flying in all directions as everyone laughed at his perfect response.

Alabama Fan Destroys Cake

Why aren't rivalry cakes more popular among football fans? Just last year, an LSU bride pranked her Alabama groom on their wedding day with this same idea, but that viral video didn't come close to the comedy the Williams family's prank does.

I think a "house divided" mat would've made cleanup a little bit easier, but this prank makes a mat look like child's play.

Nick Saban and the University of Alabama football team fell apart later that day at Bryant-Denny Stadium, much like Williams' cake. Tua Tagovailoa and the offense made a second-half run, but Joe Burrow and LSU took their 20-point lead into halftime and never looked back in Tuscaloosa.

Game day may have ended sour in the Williams' household, but this cake prank is going to live on forever as a hilarious reminder of how much Alabama football will always mean, win or lose.

This article is originally published November 14, 2019.

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