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Alexa Says "Roll Tide" After Everything Like a True Alabama Fan

There's nothing Alabama Crimson Tide fans love more than watching their favorite college football team dominate and win national championships. A close second is to say "Roll Tide" at every possible moment. What one man did took that love to the next level.

There's no doubt the Crimson Tide own the SEC. They are constantly in the College Football Playoff and find themselves in the title game more often than not, too. The pride the University of Alabama fan base has extends well beyond Tuscaloosa, and that even includes electronics.

On the Layla's Toys YouTube channel, a man asked his Amazon Alexa a series of question. Most of them were football related. Another wasn't relevant at all. However, after every single question, Alexa said "Roll Tide" it should make every Alabama fan proud.

Alexa Says "Roll Tide" After Every Question

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Is this video even real? Did Alexa actually respond that way? Does she really love head coach Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide that much? No matter if it's real or fake, it doesn't change the fact this short video is downright hilarious.

Alexa's response to some of the questions are all-time classics, too.

Man: "Alexa, what's the weather for this weekend's football game?"

Alexa: "Cloudy with a chance of rain, Roll Tide!"

Man: "Alexa, how much does Nick Saban make?"

Alexa: "Not enough if you ask me, Roll Tide!"

Man: "Alexa, who will win the college football championship this year?"

Alexa: "Alabama, in my opinion, Roll Tide!"

Man: "Alexa, what's three plus three?"

Alexa: "The answer is six, the number of national championships that Nick Saban has, Roll Tide!"

The first three questions are understandable. They are all Alabama or college football related. But the final one, a simple math question, turned out to be the best answer of all.

There's no guarantee this would work for anyone else, but these responses were too good not to share.

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