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Even 2 Years Away, NFL Scouts Drool Over Alabama's Tua Tagovailoa

I know we are almost two years away from him being eligible for the NFL Draft, but Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Tua Tagovailoa is already being discussed by some NFL experts as being the No. 1 draft pick in 2020.

Tagovailoa has NFL scouts drooling over him. There are already comparisons to New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and, to another NFL great, Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks. Jim Nagy who is a former NFL scout and now is the executive director of the Senior Bowl talked very highly about Tagovailoa to AL.com.

"When he was getting recruited by Alabama, a lot of guys in their recruiting office, I was working for Seattle, and a lot of 'em would say, 'Oh, he's a lot like your guy,' meaning Russell Wilson," said Nagy.

"I think Tua's got kind of the same dimensions from a body type perspective. Anytime as a scout that you're making a comparison, it kind of starts there. They're very similar athletes, but the one thing I think Tua does even better than Russ is that I think he anticipates throws better. He can really visualize a throw. Guys don't have to be open. He sees openings before they happen, and those are things you can't coach." — Jim Nagy, via AL.com

With that in mind, here is a list of team's who may be needing Tua's services in the future.

1. Dallas Cowboys


Yes I know Jerry Jones says Dak Prescott is their starter...for now. But two years from now, that can all change. Prescott is clearly on the hot seat and if things don't improve, you might see a change sooner than later.

2. Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins haven't made any noise in the AFC since Dan Marino retired. They desperately need a quarterback if they even want to challenge the New England Patriots in the future.

3. New England Patriots

Speaking of the Patriots, getting Tagovailoa is just the type of move Bill Belichick would make. Tom Brady is in his 40's and may be on the verge of retirement when Tua leaves Bama. It wouldn't be a shocker at all to see them trade up to get him.

4. New Orleans Saints

Saints fans would love to add Tua to their team after Drew Brees retires. Several NFL scouts have compared his play to Brees, so wouldn't it be fitting to see one legend replace another?

5. Buffalo Bills

If any team needs a quarterback badly, it's the Bills. They haven't had a legit quarterback since Jim Kelly and this franchise hasn't been able to move forward. They already have Tua's former OC Brian Daboll is there, so he knows a lot about him and unless something major happens, they will probably be in the top five in draft for the next two years.

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