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Auburn Won't Make This Switch Despite His Terrible Game Against Tennessee

If Saturday's game against Tennessee was any indication, Auburn quarterback Jarrett Stidham's job was in jeopardy. The junior quarterback had his worst game as the starting quarterback for the Tigers in their loss against Tennessee, 30-24. Despite throwing two touchdown passes, Stidham turned the ball over three times with two interceptions and one fumble. The fumble was the difference in the game as the Vols scored, bringing the game at the time to 30-17.

The first two series started off well for the Auburn Tigers, but once again, the offense would get bogged down and Tennessee would go on a run to score 20 straight points until Auburn scored a last minute touchdown to make the score look closer than it was.

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So who's to blame? 

It wasn't all Stidham's fault, the Auburn secondary gave up several big plays and over 300 passing yards to the Vols, but Stidham's mistakes didn't help the defense at all.

The question fans are asking is, "Should Stidham even start against Ole Miss Saturday? Well, we got our answer as head coach Gus Malzahn said Stidham will indeed start Saturday.

You have to wonder what the reaction of some Auburn fans will be when they hear this news.

Some Auburn fans already made up their minds on Saturday that it was time for Malzahn to move on from Stidham.

If you are Gus Malzahn, what do you do? Do you bench the guy who lead you to an SEC Western Division title last year? The guy who also beat your two biggest rivals?

You only have to look up the road to Tuscaloosa to answer that question. If a guy is not getting the job done, it may be time to move on. But even if Malzahn were to replace Stidham, Auburn still has a lot of problems on offense that one player cannot fix.

For the Tigers to have a chance Saturday, there needs to be a shake up on offense if Malzahn wants to save his team's season, but it doesn't seem like changes will be made. At least, not this week.

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