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Tim Tebow's First TD Against Florida State Was Pure Magic

Tim Tebow hated the Florida State Seminoles. Like, really hated them.

The great No. 15 had such a disdain for the team up north that when he was a little boy growing up watching the Florida Gators and they lost to FSU, he begged his parents to not make him go to church because he "could not handle it." It's got to take a lot to make Tim Tebow not want to go to church.

It's that type of rivalry hatred that fueled some of the greatest moments of his college football career during his time in Gainesville. There was the very first touchdown of his career that got it all started. His "Soak at Doak" run in 2008 created an iconic image that's still ingrained in the memories of Gators fans.

However, a year before that, he pulled off a magical, sack-evading play that no 'Nole seemed to want to tackle him on.

Tim Tebow's Magical Play vs. FSU in 2007

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This, to me, is probably the greatest play of Tebow's college career.

Florida State jumped out to a 3-0 lead in the first quarter of the 2007 matchup at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium, and No. 15 responded promptly soon afterward.

Tebow took the snap from the 23-yard line and looked like he was taking a for-sure sack as a pair of Seminole rushers approached him. He spun out of it and bolted for the end zone, where he bulldozed through five FSU defenders like an 18-wheeler would do to lovebugs on I-75.

It was thrilling. It was incredible. It was emotion. It was Tim Tebow.

"This is one of those ones that makes everybody say, Wow how did that happen?" then-Florida head coach Urban Meyer said.

"I'm not sure they really wanted to tackle him."

The 23-yard touchdown was only the beginning for the sophomore. He threw for 262 yards and three touchdowns as well as 89 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns. Florida came out on top in The Swamp, 45-12.

Tebow and the Gators may have lost to Auburn, LSU, Georgia and Michigan that year, but he still won the Heisman Trophy after a remarkable campaign.

The "Soak at Doak" touchdown is the play that still gets all the love, but this one might be the most impressive play in his NCAA career.

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