Screenshot from Instagram: Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow Gets Really Sweaty in Wedding Dance Practice Video

Whether it was his football playing days, on television, or even trying his luck as a baseball player with the New York Mets organization, Tim Tebow works his tail off. After all, it's why he's worth millions and millions of dollars well after his prime athletic days. That's all the former Florida Gators superstar knows, and it even carries to his personal life today.

Back in January, the former Heisman Trophy winner got down on one knee and proposed to former Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters at his family farm near Jacksonville. Of course she said yes, and the happy couple of been planning for their big day ever since.

Although they don't know where their upcoming wedding might be (it could be a destination wedding on another continent, according to PEOPLE), they are practicing their dance moves. And for as perfect as many see Tebow, he really needed to work up a sweat doing the cha-cha dance.

Seriously, while his Miss Universe 2017 fiancee looks calm during practice for the first dance, wearing her 7.25-carat solitaire ring, the former NFL quarterback is sweating right through his pink shirt.

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The cha-cha to the Frank Sinatra classic, "The Way You Look Tonight," isn't as graceful as it needs to be at the very moment, but this is Tim Tebow we are talking about here, and the look of his shirt means he's all business when it comes to getting it right.

"Cha-cha slide is pretty tough. #NoDaysOff [@demileighnp] how am I doing?" Tim Tebow wrote on Instagram.

"[@timtebow] Getting better... one step at a time," fiancee Demi-Leigh Nels-Peters, a native of South Africa, replied.

The couple definitely looks happy doing this, and with the way Tim Tebow practices everything else in life, there's no doubt they will crush this dance right after their wedding. He might need a new shirt, though.

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