Kirby Smart yells for Georgia.
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Kirby Smart's NSFW Pregame Speech Before TCU is Pure Adrenaline

The Georgia Bulldogs beat the living snot out of the TCU Horned Frogs in this season's national championship game. The 58 points was the largest margin of defeat in any bowl game ever, and the 65 points broke the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers' record for most in a national title game.

The Bulldogs played with their food. They chewed it up, spit it out and did whatever they wanted with it. QB Stetson Bennett looked like prime Tim Tebow. TCU's defense forgot to play. The game was so mind-blowingly boring that it garnered record-low viewership ratings, presumably because the game was a blowout by the second quarter.

And now we know exactly how Georgia did it: coach Kirby Smart's pregame speech. Audio of his reported speech has been making the rounds on social media, because it will make anyone ready to head-butt a brick wall and hit the gridiron immediately after.

It's one of those clips that every UGA fan should have saved or set as their ringtone. Heck, use it as a morning alarm to attack every day.

WARNING: This clip is NSFW (not suitable for work). It Involves a lot of f-bombs, although some may prefer that if they're heading to the gym.

Kirby Smart's Reported Pregame National Title Speech

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I'm not going to fully transcribe that clip, because there's more swearing than you'll find from group of sailors during a night out at a bar. But I will say that I now want to play for the Georgia Bulldogs.

Kirby sounds as if he's got a full set of pads on and is ready to hit-stick the living crap out of someone. It's no wonder the Bulldogs poured it on TCU and never stopped until the game was over. Heck, Georgia crushed TCU so badly that players on the sideline were casually eating wings during the game.

Of course, this isn't the first time Kirby has gone on an awesome rant like this. There's always the "How About Them F***in' Dawgs?" news conference.

Now, Smart hasn't and won't confirm if this is his true pregame speech before the TCU matchup. But if it is, it's an all-timer. Other coaches might want to take note. It's Georgia's world, and we're all just living in it.

Kirby Smart after Georgia won the 2022 CFP National Championship.

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