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Joe Burrow’s High School to Name Football Stadium After Him


Everywhere he goes, the people love LSU quarterback Joe Burrow. It's hard not to. He's one of the good guys in college football and the superstar of the best team in the nation. No matter what happens in the College Football Playoff, that won't change.

The Heisman Trophy winner has fans all across the country. He's earned it. But for as much as he's revered in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, nobody will love him more than the community in his hometown of Athens, Ohio.

After his Heisman acceptance speech brought in over $425,000 (and counting) to the Athens County Food Pantry, the city is planning a "Joe Burrow Day" and now the school board has decided to rename the Athens High School football stadium "The Joe Burrow Stadium."

Of all the awards Burrow has won this year, this might be the coolest.


The Joe Burrow Stadium at Athens HS

The Athens City School District made it official at a school board meeting on Thursday night, December 19, and will honor the LSU quarterback back home in southeast Ohio when the season is over.

"It's Official!! Thursday, Dec. 19th 2019 at the ACSD School Board Meeting, the board unanimously decided to rename the Athens High School Football Stadium to 'The Joe Burrow Stadium' Congratulations to @Joe_Burrow10 and family on all your accomplishments thus far! A ceremony to commemorate this occasion will be set up by the AHS Booster club, Bulldog Blitz and Burrow Family after LSU football season is over! - #GoTigers #joeburrowstadium #theplainsohio #southeastohio #proud!!"

Before any of this happens, however, the LSU Tigers and their star football player have some business to take care of. Head coach Ed Orgeron and the SEC champions will face the Oklahoma Sooners in the CFP semifinal at the Peach Bowl in Atlanta.

Still, for Burrow, an Ohio State transfer turned LSU star with over 50 total touchdowns this season, this is a dream come true. It's quite an honor to have a high school stadium named after you.

You better believe the Athens High School Booster Club and Athens High School Bulldog Blitz will be ready to celebrate at Burrow's alma mater when it's all said and done.


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