LSU Classes Cancelled, National Championship
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LSU Cancels Classes for 2 Days Because Football Rules All

Football, man. Ever since Rutgers University faced Princeton University in 1869 at the first-ever intercollegiate game, fans across the United States do anything in the name of the sport. Literally, anything. Saturdays are sacred, and Sundays are religion. Even though the college game is already invading our work week with unbelievable MACtion, there's one day a year when college football tosses your "case of the Mondays" out the window.

When the LSU Tigers and Clemson Tigers meet in New Orleans, Louisiana to decide college football's national champion, I would bet my journalism degree that half the students put their academics on hold and skip classes. After all, how often does a monumental college football matchup happen on a Monday?

January 13 is the first day of the spring semester at Louisiana State University, and Clemson University students returned on Wednesday this week. However, both universities reportedly had no plans to cancel classes on game day despite online petitions by students gaining steam.

At least one university finally caved.

On Friday, the LSU Board of Supervisors voted to officially cancel class Monday at LSU's flagship campus in Baton Rouge for the College Football Playoff National Championship Game. Even better news for students hoping to celebrate (or weep) by getting sloppy drunk late into the night? Classes are also canceled on Tuesday in order to "accommodate LSU students who are traveling to New Orleans."

In other words: "Go get drunk. We'll see ya Wednesday."

LSU Cancels Classes for National Title Game

LSU's board added in its press release that campus would remain open those days, and university employees are still required to report to work. The spring semester's academic calendar is being reworked with make-up days because, once again, football rules all.

Clemson University reportedly plans to hold classes as normal, although I'd bet many professors will do the honorable thing and give kids the day off.

Joe Burrow versus Trevor Lawrence. Head coaches Ed Orgeron and Dabo Swinney going head-to-head. Skill meets talent to decide the national champion of college football at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, and the winner becomes the third team to finish with a perfect 15-0 record in major CFB history, joining Penn (1897) and Clemson (2018).

There's no word yet on how much Natural Light has been purchased by students prior to kickoff, but I'm terrified to know.

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