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LSU Fan Takes Home Epic Souvenir After Storming the Field

The one thing that sets college athletics apart from professional sports is when fans storm the field. Knocking off one of the nation's top teams, whether it be in football or basketball, typically gets capped off with complete pandemonium.

The LSU Tigers beat No. 2 Georgia on Saturday and sent the Bulldogs back to Athens with the program's third loss in the last two seasons. Naturally, when your team knocks off one of college football's elite programs, fans earn the right to celebrate on the field with everybody, but one fan managed to take part of the game home with him, and it's earned him the title of "Best Game Day Souvenir Ever."

Head coach Ed Orgeron earned his program's biggest statement win so far by knocking off Georgia, making that three Top-10 wins for LSU in 2018 alone.

The game ended with a final score of 36-16, and fan's poured onto the Bermuda grass at Tiger Stadium to celebrate. After the dust settled, and the field was cleared, one notable piece of game day equipment came up missing.

Look what this guy managed to take with him and show off in Death Valley.

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Anytime you mix alcohol and high-adrenaline athletic events, there's going to be some questionable decisions made, but the stealing the down marker right off the field is downright hilarious.

Seeing that game and being on the field is going to be the story of a lifetime, but this guy now has a piece of history to take with him.

"You see that giant down marker over there, kids? Your Grandpa took that right off the field after LSU beat Georgia back in '18."

Being aggressive and converting 4-of-4 fourth down attempts helped LSU notch its biggest win of the season with back-to-back home games against Mississippi State and Alabama looming ahead.

Hopefully, the staff at Tiger Stadium can find a new down marker before the weekend rolls around.

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