SEC school "ready to strike" with a new head coach at the end of the season

They will have some difficulties getting there, though.

Tennessee and Florida have been getting all of the publicity recently with their coaching situations, but they aren't the only schools in the conference dealing with those struggles right now.

Ole Miss and former head coach Hugh Freeze agreed to part ways before the season started due to Freeze's own scandal with the school. Offensive coordinator Matt Luke has been the interim head coach in that time, but it appears that Ole Miss is still looking on the outside for a permanent head coach.

Ole Miss athletic director Ross Bjork is hoping to come to a resolution very soon after the season, saying that his school will be "ready to strike" to fill the position. Via the Daily Journal:

"We want to be ready to strike," Bjork said. "We want to talk to all the right people as soon as those last games are finished on Nov. 25. Then we'll see where it goes. Does it take a couple of days? Does it take a week? That will be decided as things evolve."

It makes sense every year that a school will want to find a new coach rather quickly. Wait too long and you end up running out of your best candidates, and you could be forced to make a hire that you really aren't sure about.

Of course, Ole Miss won't just be battling other schools for a new head coach; the Rebels are still dealing with issues from their scandal with Hugh Freeze, as well as potential NCAA violations to be dealt with in the future. For a coach to want to go there, they will need to be confident that the NCAA won't drop the hammer down on the school.

Ole Miss is 3-5 so far in the 2017 season, including 1-4 in SEC play.