Urban Meyer’s Wife Snaps On Paul Finebaum, Then Deletes Her Criticism Instagram: finebaumshow, gigimeyer40
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Paul Finebaum has never been one to shy away from controversy, just ask all the radio callers of The Paul Finebaum Show, but he especially loves stirring the pot when it comes to the Big Ten and their fans.

Finebaum has made it no secret how he feels about Urban Meyer ever since the controversy with former assistant Zach Smith and his domestic abuse case, which Meyer swore in the recent case he knew nothing about.

But Finebaum latest criticism of Meyer has gotten him in trouble with Urban Meyer’s biggest supporter, and that is his wife Shelley, who was in the middle the Zach Smith scandal, too.

Finebaum believes that Meyer’s time as the Buckeyes head coach will be ending soon because of these recent events, and his wife was having none of it.

Shelley Meyer said this on Twitter about Finebaum, and later took it down.

“Ummmm, newsflash? Or Maybe not. He gets NONE OF MY ATTENTION. Should get no one else’s either. I don’t listen or watch him or his network anymore.” — Shelley Meyer

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Finebaum seemed to have taken notice of Shelley Meyer’s tweet, so of course, he took a shot back at her.

“Deleting seems to run in the Meyer family,” Finebaum said. “Remember Urban Meyer deleted texts; now Shelley Meyer — I don’t believe in deleting the tweet. You say something, everybody already knows it, it’s been disseminated across the country.”

“I don’t know what to say to her,” Finebaum continued. “I know her fairly well. She’s a nice woman. I think she has bigger problems right now dealing with whatever Urban is going through than slapping back at me.”


Even ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith stepped into the controversy as well with his own opinion.

“With all due respect to the lovely Mrs. Meyer, when your husband left his coaching job [at Florida], where did he come to work? To the very network you said you no longer want to watch,” Smith said. “You didn’t have a problem with ESPN then. So why do you have a problem now? Because something happened at the Ohio State that every network discussed and somehow we’re the problem?


“I respectfully disagree.” — Stephen A. Smith

So, far that hasn’t been any more comments from the Meyer camp, but Finebaum isn’t backing down from his comments, and you have to wonder if the Meyers will back down either.

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