Stephen A. Smith makes an absolutely bizarre comparison for one Heisman candidate


Baker Mayfield was incredible in leading Oklahoma over Ohio State in Columbus on Saturday and the entire country took notice. Not only did the senior rack up 386 passing yards and three touchdowns (without an interception), Mayfield made big news by planting the Oklahoma flag at midfield of the Horseshoe just a year after the Buckeyes sang their fight song in Norman.

Naturally, there has been plenty of reaction to that move from pundits everywhere and the cast of ESPN's First Take joined in this week. However, over the course of the discussion about Mayfield and how he should not have apologized for his actions, Stephen A. Smith made a bizarre comparison for Mayfield's on-field playing style.

Smith references Mayfield as "a better version of Johnny Manziel" and, while he never comes back to the comparison, it doesn't make a ton of sense. Max Kellerman's comparison to Brett Favre is likely more apt in the way that Mayfield brings the "gunslinger" mentality, while Manziel was much more about creating with his legs than Mayfield has been at his best.

No matter the comparison, everyone can agree that Baker Mayfield is one of the best players in college football today, but there is probably a better name to grab than Johnny Manziel for a comparison.