Screenshot from Twitter: Jonathan Crompton

High School Player Ejected for WWE-Style Powerbomb Tackle


Maybe this kid should be giving Vince McMahon and Triple H a call instead of seeking a life in college football.

In 2017, former Tennessee quarterback Jonathan Crompton shared a video from a Tennessee high school football game, where one player went full WWE and hit one of his opponents with what can best be described as a powerbomb-like throw.

High School Football Player's Powerbomb Tackle

Honestly, the kid might be lucky that was all he got hit with, as the that position he got brought up into could have easily been a Jerry Lawler style piledriver.


The offending player, identified as Sevier Count defensive end Jeff Bersch by the Knoxville News-Sentinel, was ejected from the game for the throw and by rule was suspended for his team's next game.

This post was originally published on September 30, 2017, but this serves as a reminder that powerbomb tackles aren't in the sportsmanship handbook.

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