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Texas A&M Catcher Throws Out Runners in Consecutive Innings

WARNING: Do not attempt to steal on Texas A&M University catcher Taylor Smith.

You will get thrown out, and the walk back to the dugout will be long.

The Mississippi State Bulldogs learned this the hard way.

Taylor Smith Throws Out MSU Runners

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In a Southeastern Conference matchup, MSU outfielder Tanner Allen knocked a single into right field. The first base coach must've eaten some shellfish for lunch because he was eager to take off.

On the second pitch of the at-bat, Allen bolted for second.

Pitcher Bryce Miller threw a ball high. In one motion, Smith caught it and whipped it to second base.

The ball couldn't have been placed better. It's like the second baseman was holding a dart board and the Aggies catcher nailed a bullseye.

Barely an inning later, Mississippi State tried its luck again.

Second baseman Scotty Dubrule leads off the bottom of the second inning with a single to center field. The smell must've lingered because Deubrule took off on a 1-1 count.

This is business as usual for Smith. He popped up with lightning speed and threw a laser on the right side of the bag that beat Debrule by a mile.

Mississippi State deserves credit. Attempting to steal when there's a cannon behind home plate takes guts.

You know the old saying, "fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me."

Mississippi State deserves all the shames.

Prior to this game, Smith had thrown out six of seven runners who tried to take a bag on him. Sabermetrics tell me that's about an 86 percent success rate. TAMU head coach Rob Childress can sleep soundly in College Station knowing he has that security blanket

The Bulldogs figured they should try to be in the 14 percent. That's the same odds as landing the top pick in the NBA Draft for the worst three times.

I know all sports teams aspire to be the Minnesota Timberwolves, but this is when you have to take what the dealer gives you.

Although stealing didn't work out, MSU walked away with a 3-2 win. Take that, Sabermetrics.

Maybe the warning sign needs to be in a bigger font.

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