A pitcher in a junior college game levels a batter rounding the bases.
Screenshot from Twitter

Pitcher Levels Batter After Go-Ahead Home Run in Junior College Game

There's a famous line that goes, "how can you not be romantic about baseball?" After seeing what went down between two Texas junior colleges on Wednesday, we might need to amend that to "how can you not be BLEEPIN' PISSED OFF about baseball?"

Giving up a home run is something every pitcher in the world has to get used to, even if they bat flip you or take 60 seconds to round the bases. It's part of the game. This kid? This kid took a dinger so personally, he tackled him like Ray Lewis in his prime.

Junior College Pitcher Levels Hitter After Home Run

North Central Texas College and Weatherford College were wrapping up the first game of a doubleheader on Wednesday when NCTC's Josh Phillips crushed a go-ahead homer.

As Phillips was rounding third, the Weatherford pitcher threw his glove to the ground, charged towards third base and speared him out of freaking nowhere. The dude's helmet flies probably just as far as the baseball did.

No one knows if the batter said something or made some sort of gesture while running, but something set the pitcher off like an absolute bomb. The video was posted to Twitter by Texas College Baseball and has been making the rounds on social media.

What I do know is that a tackle like that would 150 percent get flagged for targeting in a college football game. Here? Well, he's just taking a page from Nolan Ryan's book.

And another thing: If I'm a teammate of Phillips, I'm not letting that pitcher leave the scrum unscathed. You can't just crush someone like that for no reason. Even if there is a reason, it's still uncalled for.

In all seriousness, this isn't baseball. You want revenge after the long ball? How about you strike the kid out next time, then run your mouth as much as you want.

I'm gonna go ahead and guess that kid was instantly ejected and will probably be suspended.

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