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Batter Crushes Home Run on Intentional Walk, Makes Pitcher Pay

This kid proved why walking him was the best defense. Too bad his defense against that was better offense.

If you're ever having a bad day, remember you're not this kid who thought he was going to intentionally walk this batter and ended up giving up a homer.

You only walk the best hitters, and this kid proved why he should've been walked in the first place. But with spectators egging this towering boy to take swings at the pitches anyway, it was only a matter of time before he creamed one.

Batter Hits HR on Intentional Walk


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Someone should check that kid's birth certificate. All the other players look to be around nine or 10 years old. This kid looks like he's going to shave after the game. That's what that team gets for walking a kid with runners on first and second base.

We don't know the backstory here, but we do know that if you're gonna intentionally walk mini Mark McGwire, you better make sure to do it. Otherwise, this will be the outcome.

Major League Baseball has robbed us of ever getting to see this happen (MLB doesn't require a pitcher to throw four straight balls anymore), which means we won't see any more intentional walk hits like the time Miguel Cabrera did so.

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