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Female Firefighter Embarrasses Male Coworker With Softball Strikeout

Firefighters are some of the most important members of our communities. They risk their lives by going into burning buildings to save people and animals. They fight even the craziest of forest fires.

They're practically superheroes who don't get paid what they're worth, especially considering they work 24-hour shifts. When they're not fighting fires, they deserve some much-needed down time at the fire station.

One female firefighter decided to have some fun with her male companions on duty by grabbing a small basketball and throwing to him softball-style. You could say she has quite the, um, fireball.

Female Firefighter Strikes Out Coworker

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I don't know who this cannon-armed woman is but she appears to work for Mountain View Fire Rescue in Colorado. The video comes from the TikTok account "yousayittefo" and was reposted to the HighlightHer Instagram page.

This chick clearly has softball experience judging from that windup and fastball. That she's using a mini basketball and doing this all in sandals makes it all the more impressive.

To the dude attempting to face her: Maybe it's time to give up your weekly Monday night slow-pitch softball league. I don't think it's for you.

That first pitch is some sort of drop ball or sinker. The second one is a heater on the inside corner.

"That's in your wheelhouse!" one of their coworkers says in the firehouse.

The duo takes the at-bat outside where she finishes him off with a devastating off-speed pitch. The breeze from these whiffs alone could probably put out a fire.

"Even tried to make it fair and give him an offspeed," she wrote.

"STRIKE 3. Thanks for playing."

I've played against police officer teams in beer league softball but never a team of fire service members. If the Mountain View Fire Rescue has a co-ed team, they definitely need this woman in the circle throwing to batters.

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