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Daredevils Play Volleyball While Volcano Erupts Behind Them

If you've ever dreamt of running football routes as a tornado howled right next to you or wanted to play catch in the front yard as an earthquake rumbled the ground beneath you (oh wait, the 1989 World Series quake already made that possible), then boy do I have the video for you.

Over in Iceland, playing sports in natural disasters is apparently as common as reading the newspaper with a cup of coffee in the morning.

When the Fagradalsfjall volcano in the country's Reykjanes Peninsula erupted, a group of daredevil volleyball players decided to casually set, bump and spike as it spewed piping hot lava into the air.

Volcano Erupts While Group Plays Volleyball

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The volcano began erupting on March 20. This group of friends set out to play a friendly game next to the erupting volcano in Iceland nearly a week later as part of a social media challenge called the "ML Pepper Challenge."

According to, the purpose of the challenge (besides being set on fire or inhaling ash) was to impress a pair of professional volleyball players named Anders Mol and Christian Sørum by bumping in the "oddest places." The winning prize? A watch. Woo hoo!

Hey, at least they had a volleyball pro of their own there. Icelandic player Thelma Grétars — who played collegiately at San Jose State University — was part of the group. That would at least make me feel a tiny bit safer playing volcano volleyball.

Hopefully they had some backup balls in case an errant hit flew into the danger zone.

This social media challenge has already taken some players to cliffs and deserts, but I think volcano volleyball takes the cake.

It's not like any of us have Mount Vesuvius in our backyards, but it goes without saying: Don't try this at home.

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