Steam's next big sale begins in only two days

Hold on to your wallets.

Valve's famous sales are a huge part of why the Steam retailing software is as popular as it is today. Both the impressive percentages at which titles would be discounted combined with the frequency of the sales have turned the events into somewhat of a holiday for PC gamers, and while the removal of flash sales and daily deals has dulled community excitement somewhat, the sales themselves are always worthy of a look.

The next sale, as predicted in an earlier article in October, is set to launch in just two days. Starting on November 22 and running until November 28, Steam users will have access to a vast catalogue of discounted video games for the PC.

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Previous sales have been known to include discounts on triple-A titles, though it's those products from smaller studios that usually shine brightest. Last month's Halloween sale saw a number of popular games from the horror and action genres discounted, including Dying Light, DOOM, Dead by Daylight, and SOMA. Prices ran at anywhere from 33% to 75% off, with the more recent titles obviously seeing a less notable decrease.

For more information on the event, tune in to Valve's Twitter account @steam_games. Don't have a Steam account? Make your way over to the official website to create one and download the client.