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WATCH: Conor McGregor Sucker Punches Old Man for Refusing Free Whiskey

UFC star Conor McGregor is "retired" from fighting, but rumors continue to swirl that the former two-division champion could be cooking up a comeback. In the meantime, McGregor is busy pedaling his whiskey, Proper Twelve, all over and enjoying life as a wealthy man.

Still, McGregor can't seem to keep himself out of trouble. The most recent example took place at The Marble Arch Pub on April 6, and after video obtained by TMZ Sports was released, you might have a different view on McGregor actually getting a chance to return to the octagon.

In the surveillance video, you can see McGregor entering the quiet Dublin pub and grabbing several glasses to pour whiskey shots for the older bar patrons. One of them, however, grabs the glass and pushes it aside. Then, McGregor places it in front of him a second time only to receive the same result.

It's obvious the older man wanted no part of McGregor's courtesy, but despite their not being audio available, you can see something was said that enraged the former MMA champion.

McGregor then sucker punches the old man in the side of the head with that left hand that's knocked out countless opponents. Two men then grab McGregor, who still tries to escape their grasp, and pulls him out of the bar.

The best part? The Irish elder barely moves and eats the punch like it's nothing.

Conor McGregor Punches Old Man

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According to TMZ, police in Ireland are still investigating and "no arrests have been made to date" for the Irish bar scuffle.

Earlier this year, McGregor was arrested for allegedly smashing a man's cell phone in Miami after taking his picture. Chargers were dropped, and McGregor settled a civil suit with the victim.

McGregor hasn't fought since losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229, which resulted in this infamous brawl outside the ring after the match. UFC President Dana White expects McGregor to draw interest for his next fight after UFC 241 takes place, and while other sports wouldn't let an athlete back after an old man-punching incident like this, UFC embraces its fighters. This isn't going to keep the promotion's biggest star away of the octagon or a potential rematch with Khabib.

Despite not fighting since last year, McGregor is still the No. 3 contender in the UFC lightweight division and No. 13 UFC fighter in the pound-for-pound rankings.

Still, it's not a good look that McGregor is walking around Irish pubs and punching elderly men in the middle of the day. If that left hand couldn't drop a gray-haired old guy, how does he expect to compete in UFC at 31 years old?

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