Casino Fight Breaks Out, WWE-Style Superkick Abruptly Ends It

Fight nights are typically reserved for the octagon or a boxing ring. Sometimes though, when the stakes are high and some not-so-friendly words get exchanged, we get treated to a one-on-one, WWE-style fight that, as it usually does these days, gets caught on camera.

This time, it wasn't UFC 236 in Atlanta where you could purchase tickets. This brawl happened right on the casino floor with a fight card featuring two drunken gamblers in a winner-gets-arrested title fight. These two men played to the crowd and delivered a performance worthy of a main event rematch right in the heart of Las Vegas.

At the onset of the video, you can see the two men in some kind of disagreement. Maybe the younger guy thought this older gentleman should've split his eights while playing virtual Blackjack? It's unclear exactly why the fight began, but one thing is definitely certain.

There were too many craft beers mixed in with the table games on this night.

The conversation seemed civil until the man sitting down rips shirt like it's a Walmart white-tee and the Hall of Fame casino fight began.

Casino Fight Ends in Super Kick

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The younger guy breaks the first attempt by the now-shirtless man to grab at his neck. After raining down a few right hands and knocking his opponent to the floor, the instigator gets pulled away while a woman screams in the background. When our shirtless friend finally regains his feet, this man "tunes up the band" for some Shawn Michaels-inspired Sweet Chin Music that sent his opponent flying and abruptly ended the fight.

The only thing that would've made this better was Joe Rogan ringside calling the action.

There were no ring girls. There was no formal weigh-in. There were no post-show comments from either fighter. This was pure adrenaline and testosterone in action that probably got both of them banned for life, but it left us with another outrageous example of why public fights will never get old.

This post was originally published April 11, 2019.

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