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Rare Double Knockdown Leaves Both Fighters Stumbling

A rare double knockdown is a beautiful thing. Sure, it's painful to watch at times, and even more painful for the fighters involved, but it's such a raw and classic thing to happen in combat sports. This new video from Thailand is added proof.

When a group of spectators arrived at a Muay Thai fight last weekend, they got to witness one of the craziest things in MMA fighting.

After one Muay Thai fighter was thrown to the ground, the bout was reset by the referee. Then, seconds later, both men threw devastating left hooks that knocked their opponent to the canvas.

Muay Thai Double Knockdown

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The men recording the video couldn't believe that it actually happened. To add to it, the referee just stood over both MAA fighters and even watched the man in the red trunks use the ropes to get back to his feet.

So while the world waited to see Conor McGregor knock out Cowboy Cerrone in 40 seconds at UFC 246 and get everyone talking about a rematch with Khabib Nurmagomedov, this was happening over 8,000 miles away.

What the clip from ESPN doesn't show (probably due to NSFW language) is the fight actually looked like it continued. Both fighters somehow got back to their feet and prepared to get after it again.

A double knockdown and a double knockout are rare things, but it's not the first time it's happened at a Muay Thai fight.

Dorian Price KO's Jonathan Lecat

Back in 2017 at Max Muay Thai Stadium, former UFC competitor Dorian Price hit Jonathan Lecat with a right cross while he took an elbow to his face. Both fighters went down, but Price got back up in the final seconds to be awarded the double KO win.

It's certainly the most famous doubler in Max MT history, but the amateur video from January 2020 is just as good and timeless.

This post was originally published on January 21, 2020.

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