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Walmart Hosted a Wrestling Match, And No One Cared

I swear 2019 was a strange year. In the digital age where people will do just about anything for a like and share on Facebook, it seems like nothing is off limits. And the latest installment of "Man, That's So 2019" takes us to the place where pissing on potatoes and styrofoam graduation cakes are everyday occurrences.

Weird shit happens at Walmart, yet I still go there to grab 24 packs of toilet paper and buy a brand new pair of swim trunks all in one stop. It also happens to be the perfect setting for an impromptu wrestling match, apparently, because where else can you find a steel chair AND employees that are totally oblivious to complete and utter chaos?

He goes by Lord Adrean on his social media accounts, and this man's brand is summed up using only three words: "I slam people."

From McDonald's to Jimmy John's and everywhere in between, Lord Adrean and his crew invade public places and put on clinics showcasing their WWE moves. While professional wrestling fame and glory might elude them, there's no denying the over 167,000 people who follow him on Instagram love seeing public wrestling matches going down.

A recent outing even found its way to Walmart, and let's just say another successful showing featured a steel chair, "top turnbuckle" acrobatics and not a single Walmart employee anywhere in sight to notice what the hell was going on.

Wrestlers at Walmart

Everywhere Lord Adrean goes, chaos follows. The social media star-turned rapper-turned brand promoter might be out of his damn mind, but I spent half an hour watching him frog splash opponents off of countertops, so obviously he's doing something right.

Incredibly, this is hardly the first Walmart wrestling match that'll take place. I wonder how many viral videos it will take before Big Blue decides to toss up a ring over near the baby section and invite local wrestling fans in for a title match and some discounted Christmas decorations?

This article was originally published August 26, 2019.

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