Shirtless Golfer Swings Flag Stick at Opponent in Heated Fight
Screenshot from Instagram: pgamemes

Golf is frustrating. There?s no other way to put it. We?ve all had slowpokes giving each other infinite mulligans while playing in front of us (though most probably never threw hands with them).

Slices and hooks and sand traps and lakes could piss off even the Queen of England. In a gentleman?s game that would shun anyone of Happy Gilmore?s nature, sometimes you just have to settle things the old fashioned way: with fists.

In one crazy golf fight, an older shirtless gentleman decided fists weren?t enough.

Shirtless Golfer Swings Flag in Fight

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This bizarre altercation reportedly took place in Benoni, South Africa. According to a Facebook user named Jarryd Farrington, this round of fisticuffs was over a lost cell phone and a silly prank. The video was posted to the “pgamemes” Instagram account that has more than 700,000 followers.

?According to new intel received, the guy that loses his shirt had lost his phone earlier in the round. He drove back to the group behind him to ask if they had seen it but they said no, to prank him. Only after the round did they give it back, which led to the below,? Farrington wrote, via Outkick.


The big guy in gray is whooping the soon-to-be shirtless man. That?s when he resorts to yanking the flag out of the hole on the green and swinging it at him like a sword.

I?m no police officer or judge, but could that be assault with a deadly weapon? Let?s just be thankful he didn?t grab his driver instead.

If you ask me, this dude needs a nickname. Dust-up Johnson? No, Eye Of The Tiger Woods. How about Bryson De-Rambo? George Fore-man? Fine, I’ll stop.


The funny thing is it’s not even the first wild golf fight to happen in this South African town. In 2019, a man’s headbutt and window-shattering left hook in a golf club restaurant went viral.

Stay safe out there on the links, I guess.

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