This At-Home Golf Simulator is Your Ticket to America’s Greatest Courses

Unless your name is Tiger Woods, or anyone else on the PGA Tour, there’s a pretty good chance your golf rounds resemble the biggest roller coasters at Six Flags. You likely have better odds to hit a bird on your tee shot than to shoot under par at some of the most prestigious golf courses across the country. But what if someone told you that you could play those courses in private and in the comfort of your own home? Here’s your chance.

The game of golf is rather frustrating. There’s no way to be perfect at it. And if you are worried about your club head speed or launch angle or ball flight, perhaps the best golf simulators can help you more than any lesson or a copy Golf Digest ever will.

It’s time to meet the EU TruGolf Vista 10 C-Series Golf Golf Simulator. It’s portable and takes virtual golf to the next level.

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For anyone thinking it’s weird to hit a ball with a full swing off a golf mat and into a high-definition screen, it’s much better than you think.

Not only does the TruGolf model track the golf ball speed, it has a tracking system that gives a full swing analysis to provide accurate feedback of your swing path, club path, club face angle and club speed in real time for the ultimate golf experience.

Sure, it has a high-end price tag, but if you can afford it, who wouldn’t want an indoor golf simulator in their homes?

The cool thing is this standard simulation software on the TruGolf Vista 10 C-Series comes with 15 courses, a driving range, and chipping and putting areas for optimal golf game improvement. The total library features 87 world-class courses.

Having a home golf simulator just sounds incredible. All you have to do is take the golf club, go to the hitting area, take a full golf swing, smash the golf ball into the screen, and you get to play golf at legendary courses from your living room or basement or garage or wherever you really want it.


If you are looking for more, SkyTrak has some pretty incredible indoor golf similar packages with hitting into a projector screen as well as one of the top outdoor golf simulators. The SkyTrak launch monitor is The Foresight Sports GC2 Platinum Training Package is also pretty sweet and has a great launch monitor.

However, if you are looking for the best value, the OptiShot 2 Golf in a Box is the way to go. It comes with a golf net, foam balls, hitting mat, and provides accurate analysis with its infrared based golf simulator.


Now’s your chance to become a professional golfer right from your own living room.

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