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Bill Murray Takes Tequila Shot From Yelling Golf Fan

Golf could use an injection of craziness. As much of a preserved and traditional sport it is, watching athletes play 18 holes just doesn't cut it. But add in sex toys and flashers trying to distract the pros and I will absolutely tune in. Even exploding eyeballs (ouch) and one-armed hole-in-ones spice up the game a bit.

Sometimes the best moments in golf are between the pros and the thousands of fans that surround the tee box, fairways and putting greens. Tiger Woods won't be happy if you break unspoken rules and drunkenly yell in the middle of his backswing, but imagine a fan offering him a shot of alcohol during a round and him actually throwing it back like something straight out of Happy Gilmore.

Well, maybe Bill Murray is here to save golf.

Bill Murray Takes Tequila Shot From Fan

The actor and comedian who famously starred in Caddyshack (1980) was playing in the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am golf tournament over the weekend in California and was clearly not happy with his shots on the golf course. So, he did what any disgruntled golfer would do and took a shot of his own.

Murray was walking down a fairway when one fan propositioned him with a plastic cup of tequila.

"Hey Bill, I got a shot of tequila for you! I know you like it!" she yelled.

Murray couldn't pass up the opportunity to drown his sorrows. He then proceeded to toss the empty cup in the most absolute care-free manner.

Tequila shots were only part of Murray's shenanigans in the Northern California golf pro-am, too.

Bill Murray Redirects Terrible Putt, Tosses Club

Murray has a knack for making people laugh, and he cracked up the crowd once again on the putting green at Pebble Beach.

After an errant shot that rolled well right of the hole, Murray chased it down before it stopped and redirected it into the hole without looking. Then, he flipped his putter toward his bag and flashed the crowd a sly grin.

The shot was a clear violation of the rules. I doubt Murray, the star of the golf comedy Caddyshack and movies like Groundhog Day (1993) and Ghostbusters II (1989), was concerned with that.

Once again, I think we call relate to Murray. He was just trying to have a little fun after what was clearly a long day of golfing.

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