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John Daly's $450 Drunken Taco Bell Order Puts Competitive Eaters to Shame

Golfer John Daly has won two majors and delivered multiple professional victories. Still, if he died today, the world might not remember his wins first.

Instead, people will remember Daly for the kind of thing he did according to tweets from back in December 2021 — order an inappropriate amount of Taco Bell food.

The big 57-year-old golfer spent almost $450 at Taco Bell, posting on his Instagram story, "Don't drink and order taco bell on uber eats." All right, so what does $450 actually get you at the popular fast-food restaurant?

What Was in John Daly's $450 Taco Bell Order?

John Daly of the United States watches his tee shot on the 11th hole during the second round of the Regions Tradition at Greystone Golf and Country Club on May 12, 2023, in Birmingham, Alabama. (Photo by Alex Slitz/Getty Images)

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Taco Bell is cheap, which means spending even $100 there would net you a buffet fit for kings. But $450? That's just unheard of.

Daly posted a picture of the order on his Instagram story, which has since gone viral in the past couple years. The picture is cut off, but here's just a snippet of what was ordered.

  • Five grilled cheese burritos, $22.15
  • 10 crunchy taco supremes, $28.70
  • 10 spicy double steak grilled cheese burritos, $77.90
  • One beef burrito, $1.79

Those 26 items only come out to $130.54, so there was plenty more in the drunken order that came out to $446.10. Whether it was all for him or shared among friends is still up for debate.

Daly did not make an appearance in the 2023 PGA Championship, but he is clearly still capable of having a fun, relatable time on or off the golf course. Perhaps the only difference between the tour pro and the average joe is that Daly can spend a college kid's part-time paycheck on some Taco Bell while the regular American won't have the funds.

The best part of Daly's order is that it gives a perfect glimpse into the golfer's past. Daly admitted to Graham Bensinger that he played his best golf while he was drunk.

"There were some times on tour that I didn't sober up until about the 13th hole, 13th or 14th hole" Daly said.

Playing great golf drunk is almost an art form to the former Arkansas Razorback, a skill that many will attempt to acquire but few will be able to.

"Wherever I would set course records or whatever, I would be barefooted, drunk, playing golf, making every 20-footer I looked at," Daly said.

Daly is famous for winning the 1991 PGA Championship at Crooked Stick Golf Club. His first major victory was a big surprise to spectators. The smoking, drinking Daly rolled into the tournament as the ninth alternate player. It was only by miracle that he even participated, and the then-25-year-old blond golfer didn't even need to practice on the tough course to shoot a 69 in the opening round. Like his Taco Bell order, Daly's amazing performance made little to no sense considering the conditions.

With his long backswing and big drives, Daly's power led him to a good career on the course. The legendary golfer led the tour in driving distance 11 times and was the first to average 300 yards off the tee for an entire season.

Daly stands at 5-foot-11, a relatively average height — which, on paper, doesn't appear to give the professional golfer any advantage on the tee compared with his competitors. Fortunately, the tour pro has had a consistent diet of McDonald's, Diet Coke, cigarettes and candy — a concoction that is a doctor's nightmare but is one man's recipe for success.

"I used to drink anywhere from 12 to 20 Diet Cokes a day. I went to McDonald's three, four times a day. To me, they always had the best fountain drink," Daly said. "Rich Beem and some other guys they call me 'the camel' because I don't drink water. I never drink water on tour."

"Grip it and rip it" is the slogan that Daly goes by. His inexplicable Taco Bell order is what most Americans strive to get away from but can't resist. Typically, the unhealthiness of such behavior would be detrimental to one's athletic ability. Yet Daly defies all the science and education that we know and understand — the bigger his vices grow to be, the better his game gets.

Daly will be eligible to play in the next PGA Championship in May 2024, when Valhalla Golf Club hosts the tournament in Louisville, Kentucky.

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