Michael Phelps Sinks Ridiculous 160-Foot Putt

There's something about golf that appeals to so many, and yet doesn't appeal to many others. For me, I can't really watch golf on TV unless it's the final day of a tournament. I didn't grow up playing or watching, so it's hard for me to get engaged until the stakes are at their highest. For others, it's like a home away from home.

When you think about two-sport athletes, your mind probably goes straight to the likes of Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders. Of course, there are many more, but those two are absolutely the top tier. But you don't really think of athletes of other sports who golf as two-sport athletes — unless you're looking at Gareth Bale going from soccer star to professional golfer, but that's a totally different story.

Michael Phelps Takes His Shot At A Second Sport

Golf is an interesting enigma. It's a sport both for the professionals and for those who want to whack some balls and decompress. It's both athletics and leisure. So it's natural that you see folks such as Tony Romo, Steph Curry and Tom Brady on the links in the offseason, or for charity events in season. Then there's the incomparable Michael Phelps.

Golf Digest posted what may be the longest putt ever televised. And it was made by the 28-time Olympic medalist swimmer in 2012. Phelps lined up for a putt from 160 feet out. To quote the announcers in the clip, Phelps was "learning how to golf." "Where's this putt going? Hey. This guy's a 26 handicap." And after those words were uttered, the ball hit the bottom of the cup.

AP Photo/John Locher

I once hit a 65-ish-foot putt so hard when playing 18 with some friends that if it didn't hit the cup and bounce in, it might still be going today. Phelps' feat saw a determined ball travel for nearly 17 seconds before dropping as the longest putt we've seen on television. What can't this guy do?

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