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Patrick Reed Found True Love & Started a Family

Patrick Reed is the type of golfer who doesn't need a practice round. He's ready to compete as soon as he rolls out of bed. And whether you think he plays the fairway or not, you can't deny his desire to win.

It's what's gotten him this far and why he has another shot at the Green Jacket in 2021.

Reed is known as "Captain America" for his play against the British. But at home in Texas, Reed goes by a humbler nickname: "Dad."

Patrick Reed's marriage has been all square since 2012 and the young couple already has two children.

Let's take a look back at why this Bad Boy turned Anti-Family Family Man is a Masters contender today.

Who is Patrick Reed?

Patrick Nathaniel Reed was born on August 5, 1990, in San Antonio, Texas, when Mariah Carey's "Vision of Love" rocked radio stations from Los Angeles to New York. Reed moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and saw visions of Tiger Woods.

Reed shot way under par at University High School — Louisiana's highest institution of learning. After high school, Reed hoped to be a tap-in at the University of Georgia, but he spent too much time on the nineteenth hole.

Athens is a well-known party town and it wasn't long before Reed began to bogey. Young Steve Rodgers was soon busted drunk, underage, and in possession of a fake ID. Twice Reed found himself in a jail cell downtown, which is par for the course in Athens.

What isn't typical is being accused of cheating and stealing by your teammates. Before his freshman year as a Bulldog was even over, Young Patrick was deep in the bunker.

He was released from the Dawghouse after his freshman year and transferred to nearby Augusta State University, a university conspicuously close to the Augusta National Golf Club.

Even though his teammates in Augusta also thought of him as a hazard, Reed led them to back-to-back NCAA national championships in 2010 and 2011. The golfer notoriously walked loud and carried a big stick.

But with two national championships in a row, who was going to tell him "No" on the PGA tour?

Patrick Reed on Tour

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Let's see... Jordan Spieth, Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Lee Westwood, more recently Bryson DeChambeau... even Tiger Woods. That's who was going to tell Patrick Reed "No." And they did tell him "No," several times.

Despite the stiff competition, The First Avenger has shot well since joining the tour in 2011. He first made waves in a 2013 playoff with Jordan Spieth (which came down to the final round) at the Wyndham Championship.

In 2016, he joined The Ryder Cup and earned his nickname.

He dueled Justin Thomas and tied for second place in the 2017 PGA Championship. Then, The Augusta graduate won at Augusta National, donning the Green Jacket in 2018. He outplayed Rickie Fowler for the digs.

Later that year, true to his reputation, his big mouth made enemies of Spieth and Jim Furyk. Last year in 2020, despite the pandemic, Reed won his second World Golf Championship.

Reed is a polarizing pro. His mouth often writes checks way outside the leather. His Green Jacket is undoubtedly a fashion statement, but many doubt Reed's estimation of himself. I can think of at least one lady who doesn't doubt Reed at all.

Who is Patrick Reed's Wife?

Patricks Reed's wife wears many hats. She's a double-degree college graduate, a nurse, a mother, and a retired professional caddie.

Justine Reed (nee Justine Karain) has kept a low profile over the years. She caddied for her newly-wed husband from 2012-2014 and was with him for the Wyndham Championship.

Justine has a tiny frame and Patrick worried the clubs might topple her. But she was been a two-sport athlete for much of her life and proved that her conditioning was probably better than her husband's.

He found her poise was good for him and she carried for him for some of his best golf tournaments. But like any good round, all good things must come to an end. Justine's 2014 pregnancy found her carrying children instead of clubs.

Patrick Reed's Family Drama & Kids

In 2012, Reed turned his girlfriend Justine into his wife Justine. His family objected that the couple was too young to do so, so Patrick rejected his family from the invitation list. He still doesn't speak with his parents or sister to this day.

They can even be seen following him around at the U.S. Open from time to time, though he usually asks them not to. As far as Reed is concerned: Bill, Jeannette, and Hannah Reed are unwelcome links in his life.

Reed spends holidays with Justine's siblings, parents, and extended family. Sometimes, Justine's brother Kessler Karain even caddies for Reed. Caddying must run in the family.

Reed was left caddie-less when Justine carried their first child in 2014, daughter Windsor-Wells. Three years later, they added another little birdie to the nest. His name is Benjamin.

Whatever is going on with Reed and his parents, he seems to have found solace in his wife, children, and family of in-laws.

A Second Green Jacket?

Dustin Johnson, despite withdrawing from the Valero Texas Open, looks the man to beat at this year's Masters. Three years past his victory at the 2018 Masters Tournaments, former Masters champion Patrick Reed hopes to read the green well enough to wear it.

The odds are against him and so is the golf course. But that's always what it's been about with Reed: beating the course no matter what. Some may say he wants it too bad, others may say he wants it just bad enough. He's played this course more times than he can count.

This Sunday at Augusta, all Patrick Reed hopes to count is his second Green Jacket.

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