A seismic Bronny dunk? Sign us up. At the Powerade Jamfest, Bronny James went airborne over his brother Bryce and the crowd loved it.

Bronny Dunks Over His Brother Bryce at Powerade Jamfest

Much can be said about the legacy LeBron James is going to leave. But one thing he's really hoping for before he hangs up his kicks is to play with his son, Bronny. LeBron has already said that once Bronny enters the NBA Draft, he wants to go where his son ends up. Now, of course, there's not much else for the elder James to prove in this game. But it would be quite the feat if Bronny was drafted somewhere such as Detroit, Orlando or Houston and the pair could help turn things around. But really we're here to discuss this Bronny dunk at the Powerade Jamfest.

Bronny Hopes to Follow in His Dad's Footsteps

LeBron entered the league at age 19. Bronny will turn 19 later this year. And in the last six months, according to the commentators in the clip above, Bronny's athletic abilities and shooting have started to grow immensely. The former were on display at the McDonald's All Americans Powerade Jamfest. His dad is known for being a spectacular player but also for the way he dunks. It's fun to watch.

So Bronny had the opportunity to really follow in his father's footsteps at Jamfest. He put his brother, Bryce, out on the court with him and was going to attempt to leap over Bryce and slam it home. Now, Bryce may only be 15 years old, but he stands at 6-feet-5. And, as you can see, Bronny still nailed it.

LeBron James, Bryce James, Bronny James, Carmelo Anthony and Kiyan Anthony pose for a picture.

Cassy Athena/Getty Images

Of course, he would have loved to go on and win the thing, particularly after getting praise from LeBron on his Instagram. But the dunk earned him only a 63, and he ended up finishing second overall in the competition.

While he may not have brought home the big prize, Bronny is quickly rising to be the star that everyone hopes and expects he will be. I mean, come on — it's in his blood. The kid's got ups. And jumping over his nearly 6½-foot-tall brother to finish a dunk proves it.

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