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Softball Umpire Dance-Off Gives Fans a Surprise Show


It's not every day you see an umpire bust a move that would make even Michael Jackson blush.

When these baseball and softball umpires aren't calling balls and strikes, or deciding between safe and out and fair or foul, they're often getting berated by senseless parents and coaches. It's a stressful job that calls for some de-stressing every now and then.

In Louisiana, two youth softball umpires turned the diamond into a dance floor and engaged in an epic dance battle that surprised everyone.

Umpire Dance Battle at Softball Game

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Two umpires at a softball game in Eunice, Louisiana decided to have some fun between innings.

Despite what his white goatee says, the umpire on the right knows how to break it down to Lil Jon and DJ Snake's "Turn Down for What."

When the beat drops, so does he.

His dance battle partner gives us a taste of boogie before he hits her with some sort of tornado spin. It's obvious she isn't quite sure how to one-up him after those moves.


Sorry, Danny Zuko and Sandy Olsson, but these two umpires might be a better dance pair. In a day and age where umpires deal with so much hate and vitriol, it's nice to see a moment like this. Every youth baseball and softball game could use umpires like this.

The umpire on the right's name is Wayne George. He wrote on Facebook that he was "just making it fun for the kids!"

"I really love to see their smiles, having fun while still competing. Some Umpires are human and enjoy all aspects of the game. Just glad that I am blessed to be a part of it and make some good memories for the girls," he continued on social media.

The video of these awesome umps was posted by Brianna Guillory on Facebook, where it's already racked up 30,000 views. I wouldn't be surprised if it went viral.


"These two should be an inspiration to umps all over the world!!" she wrote.

Maybe Louisiana umpires are just a different type of breed than the rest of the country, but any ump that see this needs to remember it's OK to get your jiggy on during a game. The kids will especially love it.

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