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Dancing Umpire's Slick Moves Cracked Everyone Up

There's no such thing as crying in baseball, but dancing is most definitely allowed.

Remember the bullpen catcher who performed a spot-on Beyonce "Single Ladies" dance impression and went viral? How about the MLB's Miami Marlins' all-male, all-fat squad who shook their booties and were called the "Manatees?"

The unwritten rules of America's Pastime may not mention busting a move on the diamond, but nobody will shut down a little mid-inning boogie. That's not limited to players, either.

Umpires can get down with the best of them.

Dancing Baseball Umpire

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Umpires are usually deemed the bad guys when they do their jobs. They miss calls and take fastballs to the face for it. It's definitely a stressful job.

One youth baseball umpire decided to break that mold by having a little fun during warm-ups prior to an half-inning.

When Silento's "Watch Me (Whip / Nae Nae)" came on over the loud speaker, the blue broke out some serious dance moves. Despite being a bigger guy, he hits the whip with ease, nails the "stanky leg" part of the dance and "breaks his legs" before he's given a bottle of water for his hilarious efforts.

The crowd seems to love it while the kids hardly pay attention. Something tells me the players watching enjoyed the number and the song, however, because we know kids love it based on this football dance party.

We should all remember to make time for dancing. I'd go a step further in saying more MLB players and umpires need to do so as well.

Can you imagine Joe West hitting the worm or Angel Hernandez moonwalking on to the field? Rob Manfred doesn't seem to be in everyone's good graces, but maybe something like that would help his case.

This post was originally published on November 4, 2020.

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