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High Schooler’s Front Flip Made Him a Commercial Star

You never know what you're going to see next on a high school football field. A ghost running across the 50-yard line? Sure, why not. Drunk fans getting tackled in the middle of play? Check.

Even in a scrimmage, the most amazing things can happen. We've witnessed flip-tastic field goals and bizarre trick plays where dudes do their best Simone Biles impression and backflip across the gridiron.

How about a front flip over a would-be tackler?

HS Football Front Flip Commercial

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Sadly, I have to tell you guys this play was a flipping fake. Well, the flip itself is all very real. It was just entirely staged for an AT&T commercial starring then-Oklahoma Sooner head coach Bob Stoops.

What looks to be a viral moment from a high school football scrimmage caught on video with the catchphrase "Hello!" is shared among football fans across the country in the ad.

Word apparently spreads for the high school football player all the way to Stoops, who pays him a visit at a game. Stoops, of course, greets him with a simple "hello."

Here's the full commercial:

The original video posted to YouTube (which has 1.2 million views) actually went viral because it looks super authentic. Even Deadspin wrote a story titled "The Most Athletic Football Play Of The Year Took Place In A High School Scrimmage."


Business Insider did some digging and found that the video was the brainchild of advertising agency BBDO Atlanta. It was filmed at Putnam City High School in Oklahoma, which Stoops confirmed to Football Scoop.

AT&T used the commercial in 2012, and I've gotta say that it's a pretty darn good one. They had me and the rest of the internet fooled.

As for the flipping player, I wonder where he is now.

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