This Guy Lost His Pants After Getting Run Over on the Sideline
Screenshot from Twitter: Rex Chapman

No matter how old you are, everyone loves watching a good hit in football. And no matter your maturity level, everyone loves a good blooper every once in a while. Add the two things together and, well, you have pure Internet gold.

In this viral clip, the score doesn’t matter. Neither does the time of the game, the stadium name, the players involved, or even the month and year. The only thing relevant is watching one player get pushed out of bounds and letting the rest of the video do the magic.

What starts out as a normal run to the outside and a clean tackle to push the ball carrier out of bounds turns into a nightmare for one gentleman.

Not only does this guy get the pleasure of feeling the hit, he also gets ran over so hard that he lost his pants, tripped over them, and fell on the track for the entire stadium to see.

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In many ways, you feel bad for the guy here. You also hope he didn’t get injured in any way.

Not only did he have to feel the pain of the bruising tackle, losing your pants in front of a large crowd is kind of embarrassing, to be perfectly honest.

However, there are some questions to ask here in looking at the video time and time again?

Why was his back turned to the play, especially knowing players were charging near you at a high rate of speed? What folder or notebook was he holding? And where was his belt?

He probably didn’t think he was going to get ran over during the football game that night, but when you stand that close to the football field, really anything can happen.


As always, you hope nobody was hurt on the play, but the fact a man lost his pants because he got hit is pretty darn funny and might be the laugh you needed today.

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