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Pee Wee Players Get Leveled By Banner in Funniest Entrance Ever

Ah, the great tradition of banner breaking. Nothing shows team unity and strength like running through a giant piece of paper adorned with a slogan or the team colors. This is usually a tactic employed by high school teams and small colleges, but not by pee-wee teams.

Now we know why pee-wee football teams don't break banners.

Someone involved with the Wallkill Mighty Mites of Wallkill, New York, decided it would be a great idea to have the team run through a banner. Unfortunately, the banner didn't break and, like a cartoon, child after child ran into the banner until they were all in a pile underneath it.

Pee Wee Football Banner Fail

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I want to first thank whoever shot this and put it on the internet, and then a bigger thank you to Zach Halverson who had the foresight to set it to Chariots of Fire. You are a hero, sir.

However, while exceedingly funny, this is not the poor kids' fault so I do have a few questions for the people in charge of this team:

1) What was that banner made of? There's no way that piece of paper was of a normal thickness. This was some form of super paper. Whoever bought that set them up to fail from the beginning.

2) Why was it not perforated more down the middle? You can see the top and the bottom have had slits cut into the banner, but there's nothing in the middle for the kids to break through, so they all just end up getting clotheslined by it.

3) Why did the parents keep holding the banner taut? After the first three kids get clotheslined and are on the ground you should probably drop it.

pee wee team

Screenshot from YouTube

Right here. Just let go. Clearly the idea has failed, so just bail. Don't stand there holding it while each kid runs into it and end up in a pile, but nope.

pee wee 2

Gonna just keep holding on. I think my favorite part is that there is never even an ounce of concern from any of the adults involved. They all just kind of stand around like "WELP" as the kids run over each other.

This post was originally published on September 22, 2014. 

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