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Coach Punches Pee Wee Player Twice in Disturbing Video

Youth football coaches have a duty to not only teach our children the game of football but also instill qualities in them that make them respectable men when they're older. Teaching kids sportsmanship is more important than winning games.

That idea is apparently lost on some coaches.

In an age where coaches are choking out fellow coaches and threatening to kill referees over calls, I bring you a disgusting and despicable video of a youth coach punching a player not once but TWICE.

This dude deserves jail time.

Coach Punches Youth Player

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That's the 9U Savannah Gators in the yellow uniforms. They were playing in the American Youth Football National Championships in Kissimmee, Florida.

Remember as you watch that video over and over again: the kid is just 9 years old.

The pissed-off team coach either smacks or punches the little boy in the No. 2 jersey. He mouths off some words before going back to No. 2 and punching him to the ground. When the player gets up, the coach grabs his helmet and shakes it, seemingly making the player cry his way to the sideline.

The video has sparked outrage on the team's Facebook page.

"Damn shame that y'all just stood around and watched that coach abuse that player #justicefor2," one commenter wrote.

"That punk a** coach needs to be UNDER the jail! There is NO REASON to be hitting a 7 year old kid that way over a damn football game. You are a piece of landfill ridden trash," another responded.

"This "coach" needs to be banned immediately! Then all the dad's need to get together and whoop his a**!" another said.

The Savannah Gators posted the weakest apology after the video sparked outrage. It was so bad they wound up deleting it.

"We understand what we all saw yesterday was disturbing to us all but let's not blame everyone for one mans actions," the post read. "The guy in the video is our 9U head coach he is a good guy that just took it a little too far on a 9U player."

A little too far? Uh, you think?


This needs to be investigated by police. Hitting a child like that can't be tolerated in any circumstance. Especially not when a football game is being played.

Furthermore, why did the fellow coaches stand by and let this coach go berserk on the kid? If that were my son, I would've rushed on to the field and tackled the coach like it was the Super Bowl. No way he gets away with that.

Some commenters seemed to think this was "old-school" coaching and acceptable. Sorry, but that's way off-base. Old-school football might include players hitting other players hard, but not coaches punching pee wee players.

Hopefully, No. 2 and his parents get some justice.

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