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6-Year-Old Boy Cries While Thanking Youth Football Coach in Viral Video

Watching sports on a daily basis, you quickly realize, and are constantly reminded, that not all heroes wear capes. Whether it's a coach, a favorite player, or even a beloved fan, there are countless examples of people who impact a team and a community for all of the right reasons. This next video is definitely more proof.

In Richmond, Indiana, youth football coach Richard Nelloms lives his life trying to help as many people as possible. And in one viral video, the rest of the world got to see just how much he means to six-year-old Jayden, a first grader at Charles Elementary School.

First, young Jayden presented a mug to Nelloms that read: "A good coach can change the game. A great coach can change a life."

Nelloms was so appreciative of the gesture, but then the gift got even better when Jayden's mother, Courtney Wigginton, said her son had a note he wanted to read.

The letter, and the video, will absolutely warm your heart.

6-Year-Old Boy Cries Thanking Coach

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Seriously, this is one of the sweetest things you will ever see, and we are all lucky the video went viral across the United States on social media. The letter was so genuine and you can tell Coach Nelloms has been an important part of the little boy's life.

"Dear Coach Richard,

"You have been the greatest coach of my life. I love you Richard. You help me love football again. Thank you for being my favorite coach.

"Love, Jayden."

As soon as the 6-year-old boy got done reading his letter, holding back tears, Nelloms grabbed his football player and gave him a massive hug.

This is what it's all about and where all the hard work pays offf. Both Nelloms and Courtney Renee Wigginton shared heartfelt letters on their own Facebook page, too.

Sometimes in life, it can be the little things, like a first-grade student sharing a little note, that can make your day. This heartwarming letter did just that. It makes you want to give that same mug to the favorite coach in your life.

This post was originally published on October 30, 2019.

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