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Softball Player Flattens Smaller First Baseman Into the Dirt

Softball players can be some of the dirtiest athletes in sports. Anything goes on the diamond, and some girls are more cutthroat than even Calamity Jane and the gunslingers of the Wild West.

Seriously, we've written about nasty collisions at nearly every base on the diamond. From jumping karate kicks at home plate to cheap shot shoves at third base and too many big hits at first base to count, it's just an unfortunate part of the game.

There's a saying that goes, "when the train is coming, get off the tracks."

Well, when the much larger softball runner is coming your way, you better get out of the way.

Softball Runner Flattens Smaller Player

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In a video posted on Instagram, one softball player built like a brick house is attempting to beat out a ground ball.

The throw from the infielder takes the first baseman up the foul line off the base. The much smaller first baseman does a little shuffle step but is flattened like a pancake in the next instant. She goes down hard into the dirt and probably saw stars after that nasty truck.

The runner, No. 15, then stands on the base as if she were taught to run over fielders likes that. You can hear someone on the field yell after the play in displeasure.

So, who was in the wrong here?

If you ask me, it's tricky. Our larger runner is way inside the baseline. It might not be her fault depending where she begins, but she definitely could've been more toward the line.

As for the fielder, it's her job to stay out of the runner's path. I'm not even sure what she was doing once she catches the throw, but she probably regretted eating dirt.

Either way, I hope Alabama football head coach Nick Saban saw this clip and gave this softball player a chance. She can hit with the best of them.

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