Chas McCormick slaps a player while running down the line.
Screenshot from Twitter

Dirty or Accidental? Astros Player Under Fire For Slapping First Baseman

The Houston Astros have a history of sketchy behavior, and one player is catching heat for what he did running down the line.

Depending on whom you ask, there are three constants in life: death, taxes and the Houston Astros engaging in some sketchy/cheating behavior.

And after Thursday night's Astros game against the Seattle Mariners, we can't help but shake our heads. The rest of baseball fans are collectively groaning over the latest Astros incident.

Houston lost to the Mariners 5-1, but the big story coming out of the game was the way Astros centerfielder Chas McCormick tried to beat out a throw to first base. Watch carefully.

As you'll see above, McCormick tried to beat out the toss to first. But in doing so, he swiped at the left arm of Mariners first baseman Ty France.

To make matters worse, France was hurt in a similar fashion last season against the Oakland Athletics, although at least that situation was a complete accident.


After the replay, a broadcaster did say, "Not sure why Chas was reaching out there."

As of now, Major League Baseball hasn't issued any punishment to McCormick. But it's quite clear that he tried to disrupt the player, which could've potentially injured France. That obviously isn't allowed. We'll wait and see if any punishment is handed out.

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