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WATCH: Announcer Catches Foul Ball and Can't Control His Excitement


Some of the greatest moments in sports have iconic calls from legendary announcers. Cal announcer Joe Starkey famously shouted, "Oh, the band is out on the field!" during The Play. Al Michaels answered the question, "Do you believe in miracles?" after the U.S. Men's Hockey Team defeated the U.S.S.R. during the 1980 Winter Olympics.

During a recent game against the High Point Rockers, Somerset Patriots' play-by-play announcer Mark Schwartz delivered one of the greatest calls in the history of sports, and it wasn't even a play on the field that created this all-time great moment. Schwartz actually made the play himself.

A foul ball back behind home plate at TD Bank Ballpark made its way into the open window where Schwartz was sitting. The Director of Broadcasting for the independent Atlantic League baseball team, and pride of Quinnipiac University, snagged the baseball out of mid-air and didn't break stride doing his job.

Schwartz delivered one of the most hilarious calls by a broadcaster you will ever hear.


"Cardullo swings and fouls it off towards the broadcast booth... and I make the catch on the foul ball! I am very proud of myself. I hope somebody got that a video of that as I caught it on the fly. And it's a 1-2 count.

"Boy, am I impressive. What a play by me!"

-- Mark Schwartz

Independent league baseball is truly an American gem. Small towns around the country flock to games every summer to root on their team and, hopefully, have a memorable moment that makes their entire week.

It's rare that you'd ever even know the Somerset Patriots or High Point Rockers existed without Marc Schwartz making this hilarious moment for all of us to enjoy. Shoutout to him for not only making the catch, but for tossing the baseball to the fans down below, then delivering a call that even Bob Costas could only dream of.

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