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Independent Baseball Team Destroys Le'Veon Bell with "Bobblehead Night"

When the deadline passed for Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell to sign his franchise tender, the saga that went from jet skis in Miami to pickup basketball in Pittsburgh ended, and Bell left $14.5 million on the table for not playing in the 2018 NFL season and will become a free agent.

After numerous reports he would return to the team, but never did, it's safe to say that positivity surrounding the three-time Pro Bowl selection fizzled. Few in Pittsburgh cried foul when the deadline passed, and many in the area are thrilled the metaphorical monkey is off this team's back. One Pittsburgh area baseball team is going so far as to promote a bobblehead night, and their creation is the absolute troll of the century.

The Washington Wild Things were founded in 2001 and play baseball in the East division of the Frontier League, an independent league that consists of 10 teams from places like O'Fallon (MO), Florence (KY) and Avon (OH). Their stadium is about 45 minutes southwest of Pittsburgh, so they're deep in the heart of Steelers Country.

After Bell didn't report to the Steelers by Tuesday's deadline, the Wild Things dropped the ultimate troll onto the Steelers community, and if this bobblehead night is true, it would be absolutely incredible.

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Not only is Bell wearing a Wild Things uniform complete with a pink mouthpiece, but Washington's billed a "Social Media Awareness Night" that will feature this incredible gem sponsored by no one else than Twitter itself. Unfortunately, the bobblehead giveaway is "subject to arriving on time," just like Le'Veon Bell's time in Pittsburgh.

Done. The Washington Wild Things win the day, the week, and the entire Le'Veon Bell saga.

The tweet the Wild Things social media is calling out Bell for, and hilariously placed on the bobblehead's plaque, came back on February 13, 2013 when Bell tweeted:

"If youu could sit out a year of a sport youu play and your not injured or somethin else is preventing youu to play, then youu don't love it!" — Le'Veon Bell, via Twitter

Misspelling of the word "you" and incorrect use of "you're" aside, Bell was caught with his pants down when this tweet resurfaced, and he went ahead made himself into a walking joke by not showing up to the Steelers at all.

Running back James Conner is not only playing at the same pace as Bell as Pittsburgh's lead back in 2018, but he's actually playing slightly better than the two-time First-Team All-Pro ever did.

This bobblehead night is most likely a hilarious joke, but I'd pay money for one of these bobbleheads to sit on my mantle for the rest of time.

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