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White Sox Rookie Picks Up Win, Then Goes to Starbucks in Full Uniform

Unless you are a die-hard fan, chances are you wouldn't know Chicago White Sox pitcher Dylan Cease if he said hello to you on the street. He's not exceptionally tall, nor does he have muscles bulging out of his shirt. He's also a relatively unknown baseball rookie, especially out of town, and even with his full uniform on.

On Tuesday afternoon, however, the 23-year-old right hander was dealing. He tossed 101 pitches in 5.0 innings, gave up seven hits, two earned runs, walked one batter and recorded six strikeouts. Most importantly, Cease picked up his second-career MLB win ever against the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park.

For a lot of us after a long day of work, we would have enjoyed a beer. Not Dylan Cease. Since the White Sox had a doubleheader, the rest of his teammates needed an extra caffeine boost.

And since Cease is still a rookie, he was tasked with going to pick up a huge order at Starbucks... in his full uniform. White Sox catcher James McCann was on hand to film it, too.

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Luckily, the White Sox veterans at least let Cease take a shower and put on the night game's uniform to make the Starbucks run. It would have been cruel for everyone for him to go to a public place in the same uniform he just pitched in for a couple of hours.

Then again, that wouldn't have mattered. The barista at the local Starbucks joint clearly had no clue what was going on or who the former top prospect was, despite the uniform.

This is not uncommon in the Major League Baseball world. Rookies are given all sorts of weird tasks, especially to get ready for the back end of the doubleheader. It just so happened to be Cease's turn right after he picked up the win. That's what takes it to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, the White Sox lost the second game to the Tigers.

And if Chicago White Sox rookie pitcher Dylan Cease, a former sixth round pick of the Chicago Cubs, keeps pitching like he did Tuesday, more and more people will start to recognize him when he shows up to their place of work.

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