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Young Kids Play Baseball in the Middle of Traffic

Remember what the mom from The Sandlot tells Scotty Smalls at the beginning of the movie? I think it went a little something like "get dirty, climb trees, hop fences" and "get in trouble, for crying out loud."

It's a sentiment I'm sure all of our mothers have probably echoed to us. Kids should be kids. What I'm sure none of them advised was to play in traffic. In fact, I personally remember my mom never letting me cross U.S. 1 in Florida by myself because it was so car-infested.

When Samuel Grubbs posted a video of him playing baseball at a red light, his mother probably wasn't too happy.

Kids Play Baseball In Traffic

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Grubbs and a couple friends decided to prank the cars around them at the stoplight of a busy intersection.

He jumps on top of their car wielding a baseball bat and cranks a pitch from his buddy, giving a whole new meaning to getting the green light to swing away.

After launching the home run, he decides to "touch 'em all" by tagging the bases (cars) around him.

Finally, Grubbs celebrates by jumping into the arms of his two friends. Screw bat flips in front of thousands of fans. Backward crowd surfs in front of the lady putting on lipstick on her way to work is the hottest new trend.

So, who is this daredevil kid? Grubbs describes himself as a "viral meme artist," according to his Instagram page that has nearly 375,000 followers.

When he's not calling his shot like Babe Ruth on top of a Nissan, he's throwing cheese through random car windows or dunking on the vehicles themselves. The baseball video alone drew hundreds of thousands of views.

If you ask me, this is the type of dedication Major League Baseball players should have. Imagine All-Stars like Mike Trout or Bryce Harper taking batting practice on the hood of your car.

Next, Grubbs needs to make a video playing baseball at the dump using trash cans as bases. I'm sure he could get a few Houston Astros players to tag along.

This post was originally published on October 7, 2020.

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