Minor leaguer draws a foul on the first base line.
Screenshot from Twitter

Minor Leaguer Hilariously Gets 'Fouled' By First Baseman on Jump Shot

What happens when a minor leaguer knows he's going to be out? Try to draw a foul call from the umpire, of course.

Baseball is a game of many unwritten rules, but after a recent Minor League Baseball Double-A matchup between the Arkansas Travelers and Wichita Wind Surge, perhaps basketball foul shots — or hits — should be instituted.

Up 7-2 in the top of the sixth inning, Travelers infielder Robbie Tenerowicz hit a soft grounder to third base, and it looked like a routine out. However, it appears the ball thrown from third was a bit errant, so the Wind Surge first baseman had to come off the bag and into the first base line.

Instead of taking the tag and heading back to the dugout, Tenerowicz decided to get a bit, well, creative.

As you can see, as soon as he hits the ball, he looks down in despair, knowing it's an easy out. He runs toward first, sees the first baseman has the ball, backpedals and runs backward until there's no room left between home plate and the first baseman. Then, he does his best basketball player impersonation by leaning into the first baseman for an "and 1" foul.

It was hilarious — and as you can see in the background briefly, the fans were laughing hysterically.

At that point in the game, the Travelers had a solid lead, and everyone found the play humorous, including the announcers.

Users on Twitter provided their analyses of the situation.

Others think he should've been given more!

Either way, this was meant to be funny, and it delivered.

Tenerowicz, 28, has been stellar for the Travelers this season in 67 games, with a .307 batting average, 12 home runs and 58 RBIs.

Over the first 66 games of the season, Tenerowicz reached base safely in 59 of them.

Despite the antics, the Travelers went on to win 7-4. Tenerowicz finished one for four with two strikeouts.

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