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11-Year-Old Hurdles Catcher For Easiest Run Ever


If baseball doesn't work out for 11-year-old Devin Avedissian, he may have a future in leaping over hurdles on the track.

In a tournament game, Avedissian was on third base when the opposing team threw a wild pitch. He tried to score on the play, but the ball bounced right back to the catcher. Avedissian was going to be out by a mile, but that's when he turned innovative.

The 11-year-old jumped over the catcher, tapped on the plate and simply walked back to his dugout like he's done it millions of other times.

11-Year-Old Hurdles Catcher


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This is definitely one of the most incredible plays you'll ever see in a baseball game, especially because it came from an 11-year-old. It's no wonder ESPN and other outlets took notice of the play.

Plus, can we talk about how easy he made that look? He was pretty much dead in the water after the catcher did a nice job scrambling back to the plate. To give ole home plate a slap as he was coming down from his leap was pretty remarkable.

His teammates loved it. The fans couldn't get enough of it. The catcher, however, looked completely confused.


This post was originally published on April 2, 2015, but the play is too good not to see again.

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