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Yankees Fan Eats Reporter's Cold Pork Chop on Live TV

At Major League Baseball games, a fan's life can change in the blink of an eye. Most of the time it's positive, such as becoming famous for being on the jumbotron. Other times it's negative, like what Steve Bartman painfully endured for years. Then, there are those moments that are just painfully awkward and weird and last only for a few seconds. One New York Yankees fan mastered that one.

No matter the ballpark, the YES Network is always there to broadcast Yankees games. It's a pretty sweet deal for fans to watch the pinstripes, even when they are far away from Yankee Stadium in the Bronx. That doesn't stop many diehards from showing up on the road, however, and trying to get their brief moments of fame.

Back in 2010, when YES reporter Kim Jones was helping on the broadcast, she would be all over the ballpark covering injuries and even stadium food on live television. One on-air report specifically went terribly wrong when a fan took a bite of a her cold pork chop on a stick.

Yankees Fan Eats Reporter's Pork Chop on Live TV

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It was May 27, 2010, and a beautiful day at Target Field in Minneapolis with the Minnesota Twins hosting the New York Yankees. Javier Vazquez was on the mound. Jim Thome was at the plate. Kim Jones was talking about the Pork Chop on a Stick at the State Fair Classics concession stand.

All was going well, too, and Jones was on point. All of a sudden, a fan wearing a Yankees jersey and holding a beer took a bite from the pork chop.

"Really, I can't believe this right now. I've lost control of this, but I guess it's good. It's cold, I'll tell you that."

While the camera wasn't focused on the full interview, replay showed the man taking a massive bite from her food on live television while talking to broadcasters Michael Kay and Al Leiter.

Kay called it "disgusting" and Jones dubbed it "revolting," both of which seemed accurate. That food was cold and who knows how long Jones had it in her possession before the report. She even told the fan she will give him the pork chop if he went away.

Derek Jeter and the Yankees lost the game that day, so that broom the hungry Yankee fan brought to the MLB stadium didn't work, but he did get some free food out of the deal.

This could have happened anywhere the Yankees played, especially against the Boston Red Sox or cross-town rival New York Mets, but it happened in Minnesota and it's a day Kim Jones will never forget.

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