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Umpire Pulls Moth Out of His Ear During MLB Game

Perhaps more than any other sport, baseball has some strange things happen. Players have all-time meltdowns. Fans snag home run balls with a baby in tow. Broadcasters say stupid things. Yet, what happened to this MLB umpire is on a completely new level of its own.'

In the bottom of the ninth inning at Guaranteed Rate Field in a Yankees-White Sox game during the 2018 season, with the New York Yankees about to seal a 7-3 road victory over the Chicago White Sox in the Windy City, second-base umpire Bruce Dreckman had to pause the game because there was a moth in his ear.

You cannot make this up. The flying insect was alive, in his ear, and it needed to come out immediately.

Beware, watching this will probably make you cringe.

Umpire Bruce Dreckman Pulls Moth Out of His Ear

And for those who need the full, dramatic version, here you go:

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It's unsettling, isn't it?

The bug crawled around in Dreckman's head for about three minutes before him and Yankees trainer Steve Donohue worked to get the moth out of the umpire's ear in the dugout.

And maybe the most uneasy thing about it all? When they finally got it out of his ear canal, the moth was still flapping its wings like it was just your typical Wednesday night.

One moment you are getting ready to get some rest after a long night of work. The next thing you know you have to stop a Major League Baseball game because a live moth is in your ear.

No thank you.

This might not be gross at all to some, but there's no doubt it caused anxiety for others.


The good news is Dreckman returned to the field to watch the Yankees get their final three outs, moth free.

For all of the strange things that happen in baseball, pulling a giant moth from an umpire's ear is certainly up there as one of the strangest of all time.

This post was originally published on August 9, 2018.

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