Braves Security Guard Twitter: @incarceratedbob

Some fans will do just about anything to get quality on-air time. Many will have creative signs. Others take a much riskier approach and maybe break some rules. No matter what, though, the motive is the same.

But what happens when trying to stop a “major perpetrator” goes horribly wrong? What does that even look like? We got that answer on live television during an Atlanta Braves postgame show on Fox Sports.

In the middle of the broadcast, a determined fan hopped the railing to flash a baby jersey of Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper and quickly vanished when he saw a security guard was on the way.

The security guard, just as determined and not having it at all, charged after the fan.

The only problem is he completely wiped out on camera for the world to see and for the Internet to remain undefeated in capturing these kinds of moments.

This 11-second clip produces a lot of strange things, to be honest, and has a lot of unanswerable questions:

— Why is the fan trying to get famous wearing a suit to a Major League Baseball game?

— Why is the fan also holding a baby’s jersey up?

— Did he buy the tiny jersey just for this prank?

— Why didn’t the security guard pull up his pants before taking off running?

— What actually made him trip?

— Why exactly did he go on the set?

— How in the world did the broadcasters not react to the fall?

— How awesome was that nonchalant head nod by the security guard after he gets up?

— Did the suit-wearing, baby jersey-waving fan get caught?

— How embarrassed is the security guy today knowing the video went viral?

A lot of these things will never be answered. Truth be told, it’s probably for the best. The good news is we got another classic moment to laugh at, and that’s all we needed.

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