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MLB Streaker Bared it All For $80, Then Faced Deportation

With actions come consequences, and a simple bet at a baseball game produced what could have been a potentially harsh punishment for one man. Thankfully, the guy who streaked at a Seattle Mariners game and faced deportation from the country was allowed to stay.

This all happened on a Saturday night at Safeco Field in Seattle during the 2018 season — a game the Mariners lost 5-1 to the Toronto Blue Jays — when a man accepted a small monetary offer from his friends, stripped down all of his clothes, and took the field for a little run in the ninth inning.

Of course, people had their cell phones ready to capture the craziness.

WARNING: This man has no clothes on. None. He was Full Monty in the outfield before getting tackled and escorted off the field by security. The videos are NSFW.

MLB Streaker Bares All at Mariners Game

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An underrated part to this is security chased him with towels so they could immediately cover him up once apprehended.

Streaking is far from uncommon in sports. It probably happens more than you think, as weird as that sounds. This one is hilarious from an outsider's perspective because he clearly did not go to the game with this planned. His friends just bet him to do it, and he did.

They were even holding his clothes outside of the game and planned to start a GoFundMe page to help bail the guy out of jail.

The only person this wasn't funny for was the actual streaker.

Not only did he get a bad deal from his buddies, but he also spent the night in jail, spent most of Sunday still incarcerated, and almost had to go home.

TV broadcaster Hazel Mae said the man, Irish citizen 28-year-old David McClearn who lives in Vancouver, was almost deported from Canada because he streaked the baseball game to make a whopping $80.

Was it worth it? Only the man can answer that, but it's hard to see any scenario in which this would be considered a good thing.

That's a terribly small amount of money for such a life-altering moment. How much would it take for you to strip down and show America your goods?

This post was originally published on August 6, 2018 but this dude remains a legend.

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